Ruge – Rugged IP load generator

Ruge stress tests your network by loading it with enormous amounts of data as traffic load or as a cyber attack.


Ruge  can generate millions of concurrent sessions up to a DoS attack level. Synchronised data can be sent to multiple interfaces.

With Ruge you can


Rugged IP load generator  Ruge can stress the target system by generating a load beyond your specification limits. Stress testing is performed with highly accurate time stamping in which the theoretical line rate can be achieved with any data type or combination. There are no restrictions for the type of data used since Ruge uses pre-recorded reference sessions. These sessions are then multiplied to represent a great number of users or different sources. In addition, Ruge offers a flexible protocol stack configuration in which any required layer can be added or modified.



Load testing

In load testing, Ruge is used to stress the system with enormous data amounts to find system thresholds and ensure that the capacity meets expectations.


Security testing

Ruge is capable of generating a simulated, controlled DDoS attack on demand. A library of typical attacks is available for testing the system against different types of attacks. The library includes over 60 ready made scenarios, for example

Ruge comes with our Rugged Toolbox GUI for Linux and Windows platforms. Combine Ruge with Rude for optimal testing results.

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