Rude – Rugged deviation emulator


Rude stress tests IP networks by bringing realistic live network conditions to the lab. Early testing will save time and money in the development phase and will help avoid unpleasant surprises after  network deployment.

Rude can deviate any IP traffic, which makes it suitable for environments ranging from 4G and 5G small cell fronthaul and backhaul networks to Internet-of-Things (IoT) and IMS and streaming services.


Rude can be used to: 

Simulate the effect of geographical distances or emulate QoS classes.


Emulate user mobility in varying conditions.


Emulate various traffic conditions


Rude is an extremely flexible tool that allows you to modify data to the byte level. The filtering feature enables you to target the deviations to a single data flow. Flow-based deviations ensure that deviations affect each data flow in the same way.



Our Rugged deviation emulator Rude simulates live network scenarios with high precision. Turn your optimized lab network into a realistic environment by introducing latency, jitter, limited bandwidth, packet loss or congestion.

Rude saves time by helping you catch those bugs early in SW development. For better customer satisfaction, test your IP network or service and validate your user experience before launching it . Rude comes in various setups for you to choose from , all of which include  GUI for Linux and Windows platforms.

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