Emulating realistic IP network conditions

A network or a service that works well in an optimal laboratory setting may not be capable of handling realistic network conditions. Customers expect nothing but the best from their digital services, and any glitches in the performance will lead to complaints. To ensure consistent Quality of Service to your customers, you'll need to stress your system with a range of impairments. Rude IP deviation emulator recreates any real life challenge in the lab. 

To avoid service downtime, it is crucial to emulate live network conditions with realistic testing scenarios as early as possible during the development. The system can be stress tested to find any bugs that might cause significant problems after live network deployment. To create a solid testing scheme, the following features are required:


Realistic scenarios in various use cases

Some examples include:


Example: 5G fronthaul

For 5G the basestation elements will be split into central unit and distributed units, introducing new fronthaul interfaces that require timing accuracy and low latency with attention to jitter.

As an example, testing the F1 interface between the Central unit and the distributed unit has certain specific challenges:

Rude network emulator supports the creation of each of these challenges, as well as many more. 


Example: Streaming video

In real life, IP traffic will not be a constant flow of flawless packets. Instead, the traffic may be delayed or bursty, the bandwidth may be limited or the line may be down entirely for periods of time. On the byte level, packets may be dropped or corrupted or fragmented into smaller packets, and data may be lost or changed on the way. In streaming protocols, the initial delay is not the main concern, but the focus is on systems robustness to errors to ensure a smooth experience for the end user.



The picture above outlines an example of a video streaming service that is followed by a multitude of users with various types of equipment. Using the Rude network emulator, the desired data streams can be targeted on the basis of the IP address, protocol etc. The targeted data streams can then be deviated to emulate realistic network conditions that vary over time. The effect of each deviation on the Quality of Experience can be tested empirically. 



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