Emulating realistic IP network conditions

A network or a service that works well in an optimal laboratory setting may not be capable of handling realistic network conditions. To ensure consistent Quality of Service to your customers, you'll need to stress your system with a range of impairments and various traffic loads.


Our team at Rugged Tooling focuses on providing the tools needed: our Rude IP deviation emulator recreates any real life challenge in the lab and our Ruge IP load generator creates the traffic. 


A well-tested network is a reliable and profitable network, delivering

  • consistent level of service to customers
  • optimized investment on infrastructure
  • quick recovery from problems avoids downtime





IP impairment testing  

IP impairment: Realistic scenarios in the lab

Stress testing your network before deployment with deviations in the traffic will ensure flawless operation after deployment. By creating scenarios that represent likely network conditions at their worst, you will be able to find any issues early on. The below example highlights the basics of IP impairment. Each use case is specific with its own focus areas.


 LEARN MORE  about how IP impairment can help in various use cases. 


IP load testing  

Creating realistic capacity testing scenarios

Testing your network capacity before deployment will give you actionable insight into the actual limits. Contrary to what is often expected, capacity testing can be done even during the development phase, thus reducing the time needed for correction rounds at deployment. Our team at Rugged Tooling has built the Ruge IP load generator to create the exact scenario that you need in your lab.

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