Internet of Things reliability and security

Internet of Things is about smart devices gathering data about their surroundings and communicating that data over the internet. The increase in real time data improves decision making speed and accuracy and brings in enormous possibilities for both individuals and businesses. People and businesses rely on secure and reliable connections. However, as these there is no human involvement in these connections, there are certain risks.

Risks include

The specific risks vary between applications, as there are multiple IoT technologies with one- of two-way signaling and with critical and non-critical connections.


Reliability and robustness

Companies are becoming increasingly dependent IoT devices. IoT systems depend on the reliability of the connection, especially in critical applications such as in the medical field. Applications must be reliable and robust enough to be able to maintain connectivity under less than optimal network conditions. An IoT system that does not work does not generate any value to its users. However, it is possible to test the system in the lab for real life scenarios.



Like testing any IP network, testing of an Iot system also consists of 3 main topics:


1.Testing for realistic network conditions

Mobility issues, network congestion and errors in the data affect a real-life IP network.

Rude, our IP deviation emulator can create conditions such as


2. Ensuring network capacity

IoT is based on a large number of sensors, which contribute to increasing internet traffic. Each individual sensor may only create a little traffic but amounting to a significant traffic load when combined. It is vital to know exactly what amount of sensors the network can handle.

By using Rugged IP load generator Ruge, you can

Measuring the system limits will enable that you build the right amount of capacity, enough but not too much.


3. Cyber security

Each new connected device is a possible new target for hacking. Insecure IoT devices may enable hackers to gain access to the network and access valuable data.  IoT devices have on several occasions been hacked and used as traffic sources in cyber attacks.

By using Rugged IP load generator Ruge, you can

When generating an attack, Ruge can simulate millions of sensors tailoring the data to system vulnerabilities. The attacks can be combined with a normal traffic load. Cyber security testing allows you to test your defenses in advance.

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