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We understand that you will want to know whether our products solve your problems before purchasing them. We have created steps for ensuring that you will get the right product with the features that solve your problems. These steps are explained below.


Flow chart for trial steps

Free trial

To make sure you know what you are getting, we can arrange a free trial period. Our products come with a variety of features, some of which are exactly the ones you need and others that are not applicable in your line of work.

To ensure you can make the most of the trial, please contact Hannu Saarenpää, our VP of Sales, to discuss your specific needs. We will arrange a trial period to make sure you are comfortable with the product.

Proof of Concept, PoC

Sometimes, deeper co-operation between your testing team and our engineers is the best option. For example, more resources might have to be allocated in integrating our products into your testing environment. This is when starting a PoC period is useful. A proof of concept means that you will be supported by our engineering staff both on site and remotely. Our team will provide the support you need to set up the testing environment and run through a set of tests. This way, you will gain information not only about our products, but also about your own system under test. The PoC period is subject to a charge. The cost will depend on the duration and scale of the project.

To arrange a PoC for your company, please contact Hannu Saarenpää, our Vice President of Sales, to discuss the details.


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