PreScope® platform enabling cyber surveillance


Today's security threats exist in the cyber domain. The PreScope® Cyber Surveillance (PCS) system is is built on the PreScope platform to detect those threats. The PCS system excels in finding the needles in the haystack, the important bits of traffic in the sea of digital traffic. 

These abilities enable efficient cyber surveillance that meets modern requirements for a state-of-the-art system. 




Fast insight enables fast action


The PCS is enables fast data forensics by offering a full view of current traffic and the history of the traffic, combined with captured suspicious data traffic. It can be easily and quickly adjusted to detect the exact threats you need. 

Its powerful traffic management capability meets the needs of today's capacity requirements. The PreScope uses resources efficiently, resulting in a cost-effective total solution





        Insight into massive data

        Fast data forensics

        Cost-efficient solution

        Real-time dynamic adaptivity

        Intelligence-based dynamic filtering




Focusing on the important


The PCS allows focus on the important. It monitors and filters traffic to provide actionable insight into the network traffic.


PreScope platform filtering traffic


The steps:

  1. Session data is recorded. It gives you a full view of the incoming traffic and visibility to past events.
  2. Filtering based on set alerts, that can be continuously updated to match the cyber intelligence available.
  3. Removal of nonrelevant data
  4. Capture of the alerted data for further forensics purposes
  5. Further analysis of the alerting data


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The PreScope® Cyber Surveillance system is a powerful but cost-efficient solution focusing the resources where they matter. 

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