Cyber security testing

Cyber security testing for both DDoS and evasion attacks is a mandatory requirement for a business-critical infrastructure. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have grown in size by a factor of 50 during the last 10 years. Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks are becoming more common and more complex.  Even short attacks can cause substantial damage to business continuity and profitability. 

A cyber-attack will cause service downtime, and lead to

Benefits of testing

While it is not possible to avoid an attack, it is possible to simulate attacks and put your cyber defenses and recovery processes to test. With cyber security testing, you can

Along with Internet-of-Things platforms, new cyber security risks are emerging due to vulnerabilities in the upper layers. Attackers take advantage of security gaps in connected devices to gain control of IoT devices and use compromised devices to create a flood of traffic to knock down the target service.

Evasion attack simulations

Evasion attacks are used for example to breach firewalls.Rugged deviation emulator Rude is capable of modifying data as Man-In-The-Middle in real time. This makes it suitable for simulating evasion attacks, such as IP address spoofing.

DDoS attack simulations

Rugged IP load generator Ruge is capable of generating a simulated, controlled DDoS attack on demand. A library of typical attacks is available for testing the system against different types of attacks. The library includes over 60 ready made scenarios, for example

Ruge can simulate millions of simultaneous traffic sources to generate a massive IP load in a matter of milliseconds. The data can be tailored according to the vulnerabilities of the target system. Ruge can generate multiple types of data simultaneously, which makes it possible to combine an attack with a typical traffic load. 



With Rugged Tooling’s DDoS test solutions, you can test where the limits of your actual DDoS protection are and whether your intrusion detection and protection provider keeps its promises. Executing tests against your protection will help you design the required DDoS protection level accurately and avoid over-investment. Also, it is possible to test recovery procedures after an attack has crashed the system. With Rugged Tooling’s man-in-the-middle test solutions, you can test the system’s ability to handle various evasion-type attacks. 


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