Cyber security solutions

Cyber security solutions

The number and scale of cyber attacks and data breaches are an ever-increasing threat to business continuity. We provide the solutions for ensuring robust and secure data networks.

We build solutions that secure your network before deployment through testing and our PreScope® platform is the perfect data visibility platform for building cyber defence systems. 



Security robustness testing  

Security robustness verification


  • Stress your system with malicious and broken traffic 
  • Find the limits of your security defences
  • Validate your system performance under difficult conditions

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DDoS attack emulation


  • Validate your service robustness with controlled realistic attacks
  • Discover gaps in your protection and network bottlenecks
  • Harden your service availability with the latest latest DDoS attack trends

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Lawful interception of the internet  

Cyber surveillance


  • Fast insight into the traffic enables fast action 
  • Real time visibility into the who,what and when.

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